Have you ever wished you could consolidate your microservices, libraries and applications into a single monorepo, but avoided doing so because managing builds and deploys would be too daunting? If so, fret no more…

In this article, I’m going to walk you through setting up CircleCI to analyze file changes within a monorepo, and then trigger a CircleCI pipeline that builds and deploys that specific sub-section of the monorepo. When applied to your own projects, this can dramatically streamline your CI/CD pipelines and reduce costs by selectively executing workflows on the minimum set of modules within your repo.

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The Force is strong with PopSugar… We’ve got Anakin Skywalker overseeing our engineering department, droids rolling around the office and an entire theatre reserved for The Force Awakens movie launch. So it should be fairly obvious that we are beyond psyched about tonight’s release of Star Wars: Battlefront.

Unlike Dak Ralter, we do have an approach vector and are set for battle! A couple of us pre-ordered the limited edition Playstation 4 console bundle and will be bringing it into the office to play with everyone else. …

Benjamin Possolo

I love ComicCon, fashion, sewing, gaming and coding.📍San Francisco.

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